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Thank you for taking the time to visit Living Water Counseling Center website. It is our pleasure to serve you today. We offer Christian counseling that transforms and restores marriages, families, and individuals for the kingdom of God. Living Water is a beacon of light, to guide you in the direction on how to apply God’s word to any life circumstance. Do you know that God created All things for His Good pleasure? Where there is brokenness, He Loves to mend the brokenhearted through a pure relationship with Him. He sees your pain and down falls, and wants you to be free from the bondage of a wounded soul. It was not by accident that you landed on this site today. It was on purpose. If you are hungry for restoration in your marriage, family, or life; come and cast your cares at Living Water. We would love to serve you.

Our Testimonials

Sharonda has grown as therapist. She really knows how to connect with the client and help them understand where they have been impacted in the life. She is able to connect with clients because she has connected to her own hurt and worked through it and continues to work through. She truly knows how to relate.
Walter P. LMHC, LMFT
I was skeptical about going to Sharonda, initially because I allowed my husband to find our therapist and I did not know if he would do a good job in getting the right fit for us. Before our first session was over, I knew she was the one for my marriage because she was very straightforward. She was not afraid to tell us what needed to take place in our marriage for healing. That’s what we needed.
Tanya S.
I did not think counseling would work for me, but after coming to Living Water Counseling Center and meeting with Sharonda, she has opened up my eyes to see things about myself that I never knew. It has been great for me and my marriage.
Mark J.
Coming to counseling at Living Water has been so refreshing for me. I love how Sharonda use the word of God to help me with my struggles. She is such a good teacher. She breaks things down for me so I can understand how I arrived at a place and she allow me to decide how I want to move forward in my life.
Stacey W.
At Living Water Counseling Center, you will get the word of God to lead and guide back to God’s way of doing things.
Jonathan W.

When you drink from the word of God, Your life will never thirst.

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