Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Professional counseling is seeking guidance in regards to a challenging situation from a person who has obtained the educational training, experience, and has been approved by the state they are practicing in with a license to provide counseling service.

Counseling is a process and not an easy fix to any problem or circumstance. When considering counseling, it is important to know that it is more than sharing problematic situations and pointing fingers. It is also about accepting responsibility and being held accountable for your own stuff. Counseling guides you to make discoveries that led to dark places, and to shine the light on what is dark for recovery to take place. It is a process and not a 1, 2, 3, step.

If you’ve endured a problem for a long time and it continues to give you stinking results and bad success at life, marriage, and relationship, then the question is; do you want to continue on this path? With the right counselor and right attitude about counseling, could give you a good perspective, to see that counseling is designed to help you become a better you. There are stigmas about counseling from the movies, t.v shows, media, and culture. I would recommend not to give into the misrepresentation of a beautiful ministry.

Additional to a professional credentials, I would recommend that his/her character speaks volumes of who s/he stands for in life. I believe to be an effective counselor, a person must know their identity, respect and value his/her self, be honest with his/her self, their own advice must be their lifestyle; s/he must recognize their power and boundaries, be transparent when necessary, consistently working on transforming their mind to be effective and resourceful, always remaining professional and non-judgmental. If the counselors lifestyle does not produce what they are teaching others, then they are a disservice to you.

It depends on your perspective. If you view counseling as an investment into you for growth, then there will be no rush because you value the investment. This is not to say that you should be in counseling forever, however, it does say that you will value the time to get the desired maturity/ results that you are seeking for. On the other hand, if you have a poor attitude about how long it should take, you will not get what you are looking for. Remember, if you have been dealing with a problem or a habit for a long time, why would it take a short time to reconstruct your thinking on how you do life and relationship?

With the right counselor and having the right attitude about counseling, it can only help you to bring forth a better you on how you do life and relationship with others.

Call in to speak to a professional. Give a brief description for why you are seeking counseling. The professional will take your information and with your permission email you the intake paper work and set you up for a scheduled appointment.

Yes, we provide couples counseling.

Living Water Counseling Center does not accept insurance. We will gladly offer you documentation to provide to your insurance company for reimbursement.

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