About Us

About Us


Living Water Counseling Center offers counseling with an authentic Christian framework to the local community. We utilize our fundamentals of educational training and experience to structure assessments to help our clients. The methods of assessments and theories we use are in alignment with our Christian values and beliefs. Our vision is to Teach clients how to recognize generational patterns that leads to unhealthy mindsets and behaviors, and to Equip them with practical tools from God’s word they can apply daily to break old patterns, to Pioneer a new way of doing life and relationship according to the kingdom of God. We are moving on purpose. We have compassion about the field we have chosen to thrive in and serve. We are eager to see transformation and restoration take place in marriages, families, and individuals that are wounded in their soul.

Why Us?

Living Water Counseling Center is Christian based. Our mode of operation emerges from our biblical values and beliefs first. We do not offer Christian counseling as a service, it is the service. We are about the whole person being healed from the inside out. The door way to how you think, feel, and do life is through your mind, will, and emotions, which consists of your soul. With this insight, we are equipped to guide you towards transformation in your thinking and the way you do life and relationships. 

Here at Living Water, We Teach, We Equip, and You Pioneer a new way of doing life and relationship according to the kingdom of God. Counseling is not a mere job for us. It is a powerful and compassionate ministry that values people. Along with our compassionate heart, we offer active listening skills to gain a genuine connection.  We walk in integrity, honesty, and dedication.
The atmosphere that we provide is warm, caring ,and safe.
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